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The finest floor covering can turn into a failure if not installed correctly, costing the end user money and potential liability. Rather than utilizing sub-contractors, all of our installers are employees and members of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters.

 By employing highly skilled and safety-trained individuals that have a vested interest in our company, we provide our clients with the highest quality flooring installations - controlling both the quality and responsiveness of all aspects of your project.


Medical and Corporate

The need for quality medical care has never been in greater demand. We specialize in providing total flooring solutions to medical facilities, ranging from the newest in luxury vinyl tiles that provide low-cost, long term ease maintenance to the highly specialized sheet vinyls with integral base for sterile environments. We also specialize in corporate facilities by meeting the challenges of installing large areas in a limited amount of time. We are fully capable of moving all furnishings and are able to provide off-hour installation for the least disruption to our clients' business and employees.




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